Paper Cores

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of top quality Paper Cores. The Paper Cores that we provide are also known as Spiral Tubes. These Paper Cores are winded into cylindrical shapes, for a wide variety of functions in different industries. Our Paper Cores are made from recycled paper and can be used over again as an alternative to metal, plastic, glass, and wood. These Paper Cores are quite cost-effective as they are easier for manufacturers to cut, purchase, and dispose off, than most other materials.

  • Dimensions Stability - For high speed
    A high degree of dimensional stability can be ensured, which will help you in attaining better throughput and reduce idle times.
  • Optimum Strength - To withstand the winding tension/ material load
    Our continuous R & D on kraft paper/ adhesives for the perfect bonding ensures optimum strength at economical price. The paper tubes and cores are of high compression resistance.
  • Grinded/ Polished Finish on Paper Cores
    The cores are grinded as per customerĂ¢€™s requirement, almost removing the spiral impressions from top of the paper cores/ tubes. This enables them to ensure that the film wrapped on to it may be used until the last meter.

  • Mailing tubes and Cores
  • Storage tubes and Cores
  • Cores with polished surface for Polyster film and audio tapes
  • Paper Cores for Winding fax rolls
  • Paper Cores for telex rolls
  • Paper Cores for Toilet paper
  • Paper Cores used for newsprint
  • Paper Cores for Kraft papers
  • Paper Cores to Wind BOPP tapes
  • Paper Cores for polyester films
  • Cores for metalized foils
  • Yarn carrier for POY Winding
  • DTY Winding
  • Open-end Spinning
  • Fabric & jute winding
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Carpet yarn winding
  • Thermo couple tubes and cores
  • Electronic cores
  • Civil construction
  • Storage tubes and cores
  • Pyrotechnic cores
  • Mailing tubes and cores
  • High strength cores for newsprint, paper, and board industry
  • Yarn carriers for winding textures and filament yarn
  • Cheese tubes and cores for open-end spinning
  • Cores for self-adhesive tapes and flexible film winding
  • Cores for carpet yarn, coir mat, denim and jute winding
  • Cores for packing